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Capabilities and processors

  • True 5 axis CNC machining

  • Laser marking

  • EDM sinker capability

  • Optical comparator

  • Mastercam solid software

  • Design for manufacturability consultation

  • CAD drawing and design

  • Long and short production runs

  • Silicone and urethane clad machining

  • Precision Assembly

  • Precise and accurate part measurements and tolerances

  • Precision tig welding of aluminum and stainless steel

  • Part modifications

  • Machined modification of existing injection-molded parts

  • Plastic welding

  • Prototype part design and production

  • 5 Axis Wire EDM

  • 6 foot by 6 foot CNC router

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At King Machine Products Inc., we can also facilitate and prep for all types of anodizing, nickel and zinc plating, black oxide, grinding and powder coating.

Our precision CNC machining equipment includes Turning, Milling and Routing and can produce components using stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, brass, copper, Delrin, Teflon®, PEEK™ and other thermoplastics.